5 Best Home Additions For 2021

Emilee Geist

Are you planning to renovate or extend your home but don’t know what type of home addition to try?  If it is your first time doing a major renovation or you have a prior experience, it is always tricky to decide what home addition will add curb appeal and comfort to your property. Worry no more! Here, we gather the five best home additions you should consider and probably not miss this 2021.

Once you have decided which home addition is best for you, the next step is finding a high quality home addition contractor. Here in The Bay Area, there are many good contractors, though I think we found the best home addition contractor in Sunnyvale that is highly rated by Google.

  1. A Two-Storey Extension

Your family is growing. Or you just want to level up the aesthetic appeal of your home. A two-storey extension got your back. More than the curb value, a two-storey addition is not as expensive as you thought. In fact, the average cost per square meter is reduced, according to experts. Also, you can maximize the lot area of your property. When you encounter some trouble with the design or construction of your two-storey addition, leave it to architects, engineers, and other experts. While it could mean extra expenses, you can be confident that your home is in good hands.

  1. A Contemporary Kitchen

We usually spend most of our time with our family in the kitchen. If your kitchen design is dull and boring, it needs some update. Turn your existing kitchen into something contemporary or build a new one. After the construction, you can take over with the design, especially when you are a DIYer or have a lot of time. You can add dark wood cabinets, pops of color & pattern, slab door cabinets, geometric tile backsplash, sleek glossy & natural wood features, and some decorative accents. But if you are not that creative and have a hectic schedule, it is a good idea to entrust the job to someone with in-depth experience and knowledge for your peace of mind.

  1. Sunroom or Conservatory Addition 

After a stressful week in the office, you need some time to unwind, and you do not need to go out of town to travel. Building a sunroom is a cost-effective and practical home addition. Nothing can beat sitting in a comfy chair while feeling the cold breeze from trees and flowers. It is relaxing and can change your mood. A sunroom comes with multiple options, including a solarium, greenhouse, a three-season sunroom, and a four-season sunroom. When looking for a sunroom for the summer, spring, and fall, a three-season sunroom should be on top of your list. When you want a sunroom with a sleek and modern design, a solarium will be your best bet. But prepare your pocket as it might be expensive.

  1. Fireplaces 

It is hard to stay warm during the long winter season. Do not worry! Having fireplaces constructed in your home is a worthwhile investment. When the winter hits, everyone in your household will stay comfy and relaxed. More than that, fireplaces add resale and aesthetic value to any property. Although you do not have any plan to sell your home, it is fulfilling to live in such a modern, luxurious, and romantic place, isn’t it? As a homeowner, you want the best fireplace in the neighborhood. Good news! There are multiple designs you may think about. You could try a protruding fireplace in black, exposed brick and beams, or the traditional style.

  1. Outdoor House Addition

While your family’s presence is what matters the most, the place where you spend with your loved ones is still important. Whether you are tired of your kitchen design or want to take your experience to the next level, an outdoor house addition like verandas and patios can make your dreams happen. You can always incorporate your personality to the outdoor home addition you prefer. Then, let the right specialist make your goals come to life.

So, what’s your choice? Make your dream home happen this 2021!

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